Mount Gretna School of Art (MGSoA)

Preference will be given to applicants that apply by April 1st.

Information for All Co-op/Housing Leader Applicants

This information is to be used if you wish to apply for a work/study assignment as a Co-op/Housing Leader at Mount Gretna School of Art (MGSoA). Please fill out the necessary forms and return them (via mail or preferably email) with a cover letter and current resume as soon as possible (we're still accepting applications for co-op leaders).  Prompt diligent response may increase likelihood of acceptance.

Co-op/Housing Leaders at MGSoA help residents get settled; help enforce rules appropriate to MGSoA  and  the  student’s  age  group.   They   are  the  student’s first resource when a problem or need arises. The Co-op/Housing Leaders acquaint first-time students with the spirit and purpose of PA Chautauqua, and with its facilities and programs. They help students become involved with PA Chautauqua – a cultural, educational, religious and recreational center that has been serving people of all ages since 1892.

A team of Co-op/Housing Leaders oversee cottages on a relief schedule that may rotate. Residents are men and women over the age of 18. 

This is NOT an hourly position. Co-op/Housing Leaders are required to approach these responsibilities as a college Resident Assistant would.

The cottage staff are expected to arrive on Saturday June 9th by 2:00 p.m. but may be asked, at their discretion, to arrive as earlier help set up the studio or cottages including some low skilled renovation work such as painting and moving things out of storage (arriving earlier than June 9th is optional).  First required meeting will be held at 5 p.m. on June 9th, dinner is provided. There will be training, tours, in-service and getting the cottages ready (June 9th and June 10th). Mandatory orientation is June 10th and is required for all new and returning Co-op/Housing Leaders. Co-op/Leaders will be needed through 5pm July 28th to help break down the studio (please do not ask if you may leave early). 

All Co-op/Housing Leaders (head and relief) are required to work at registration on June 10th.


Direct supervision of cottages occurs during the following hours, which may be changed once the program is in operation:

Where students are 18 or over:

11 pm - 7 am Daily

Co-op/Housing Leaders are responsible for keeping their cottage and surrounding area quiet after 11 pm when on duty.

Co-op/Housing leaders may also help to cover a central office telephone on a rotating schedule.


Co-op/Housing Leaders – A Co-op/Housing Leader will receive a work/study scholarship in the form of a tuition discount for the period of service (currently this discount starts at $750 and may be adjusted based on a combination of the merit and need of the applicant), and will oversee the work/study responsibilities of students in the housing environment and other program related service activities.

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